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Membership Terms & Conditions

This is a private community website for 'members' of the ACS Cobham PSO Community - this includes parents, students and staff of ACS Cobham International, Portsmouth Road, London KT11 1BL.

'CURRENT' MEMBERS of the community

When signing up to be a member, you acknowledge and confirm that you are a current 'member' of the community as defined above. Current = at the time of joining. Please ensure that you 'leave' the community when you move on from the school, or contact with a request to exit.


Potential families about to join the school - please note that you may only join as members of ACS Cobham PSO website and member app and are deemed as current members once the student officially joins the school / academic year - usually at the same time as the family has access to the school database and communication platforms. We regret that we cannot allow access to the community forums, chat groups and other private information before this time.

The Administrators of ACS Cobham PSO reserve the right to cancel, block or remove any members if it is deemed that they are not 'current members' of the community as defined above. 


The creators and administrators of ACS Cobham PSO highly value the private nature of discussions and engagement on the forums and chat groups, galleries and other member-only pages of the website, and we expect that all members do the same.


In order to maintain the integrity and privacy of the community, we expect that members do not share information from this platform here on external websites or social media. And that they make every effort to report and / or discourage any activity from other members that seems to disrespect this expectation. This includes any comments and media shared on the discussion groups / forums.


As a community, we form 'the village' for all the children in the ACS Cobham PSO Community. It is our collective duty to keep that village responsible, empowering, motivating, and caring for the sake of all ACS Cobham Families. As such, we expect that our members will behave with responsible conduct and citizenship on the chat groups and forums available through the platform. Please be mindful of the content & tone of your communication. And as always, please be respectful and aware of the many cultural sensitivities that might exist in our highly diverse International community.

The groups and forums hosted on this platform are meant for informal communication between parents and PSO liaisons are not expected to moderate these. Please use these to share tips and recommendations, ask/answer relevant questions, and connect socially with other ACS families. Please do not use these groups to advertise/sell any business services or products. 

ACS Cobham PSO reserves the right to refuse membership for any unpleasant conduct or misuse of the platform including repeated using offensive, discriminatory or defamatory language.

We hope that you will enjoy using this platform and widening the circle of ACS families you meet and engage with! 

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